What in the wheat?

Does the wheat we eat impact our gut health? Follow along as we search for answers.

Gut issues are on the rise. According to the NIH, 60-70 million people are affected by digestive diseases in the US alone. We want to find out why.

Real scientists conducting unbiased research on a controversial topic without the potential conflict-of-interest that could come with funding from special interests.

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Meet the Wheat Team

Jacqueline Barnett

Masters student at UBCO

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Dr. Deanna Gibson

Associate Professor IKBSAS at UBCO  

Expert in gut health and the gut microbiome. 

Dr. Michael Deyholos

Professor and Head of Biology at UBCO

Plant geneticist and genomics expert. 

Dr. Miranda Hart

Associate Professor IKBSAS at UBCO  

    Expert in plant/microbe interactions.  

Dr. Nathan Pelletier

Assistant Professor, jointly appointed in the IKBSAS and Management at UBCO 

 Expert in industrial ecology/ecological economics with a focus on food system sustainability. 

Dr. Susan Murch

Associate Professor, jointly appointed in the departments of Chemistry, Earth & Environmental Sciences, UBC Okanagan Canada Research Chair, natural products chemistry 

Analytical Chemist