What about GMOs?

Currently, there is no GM wheat anywhere in the world. In Canada, there are only 4 GM crops at this time: corn, canola, soy and sugar beet. 

Desiccation with glyphosate isn't common practice in North America.

Roundup/glyphosate is still sometimes used as a desiccant in the United States and is commonly used for wheat desiccation in Canada .

Are you promoting "chemophobia?"

Absolutely not. We're scientists looking for the unbiased truth. We'll let the results speak for themselves no matter the outcome. 

We want people to know if the food they eat is safe or not, and we want the public to feel secure trusting the results of the study, no matter the outcome. 

Can we see your study design?

Shortly! We plan on pre-registering our study design on the Open Science Framework.


Pre-registering a study creates a frozen, time-stamped snapshot, which allows us to prove the originality of our ideas. 

Pre-registration also helps minimize bias by forcing us to make decisions that affect our workflow, without the biases that occur once we have the data in front of us. 

Hasn't this been done before?

Yes and no. There are a few studies that have looked at the effects of glyphosate on the microbiota (check out our literature on glyphosate page.) However these studies are conflicting in their findings. We have a special model that we hope will help us tease out the answers. 

Additionally, the process of crowdfunding for research is a new idea in and of itself. The public tends to be inherently skeptical about research conducted on controversial topics, like the use of herbicides. 

We hope that by allowing the public to contribute financially to this controversial research they will feel confident that the results were not influenced by motives such as funding sources. 

This is research for the people, funded by the people.